Last Name First Name Title Extension Email
Cargill Meloney Principal 2003 Email
Calhoun Carolyn Special Education Teacher 2513 Email
Carpenter Chris Social Studies Teacher 2204 Email
Casupang John Athletic Trainer 2627 Email
Clayton Kathy Secretary to Asst. Principal 2004 Email
Collins Sue Cafeteria Secretary 1005 Email
Dalton Elizabeth Counselor (L-Z) 2021 Email
Dameron Rob English Teacher 2307/2918 Email
Denbaas Janeen English/Spanish Teacher 2305 Email
Dodson Marcy Social Worker 4003 Email
Dragon Cafe Dragon Cafe Dragon Cafe 2102/2104
Ferzo Joe Science Teacher 2113 Email
Finn Mike English Teacher 2303 Email
Fiori Tom Algebra/Geometry 2605 Email
Forlini John Math Teacher 2203 Email
Gerhardt Jill IT Specialist 1023 Email
Glasius Erik Counselor (A-K) 2020 Email
Glasius Marcie Cable TV 2407/2201 Email
Hall Sonja Wayne State Student Tutor 2216/2107 Email
Jackson April Special Education Math Teacher 2205 Email
Jackson Eric Restorative Conf Facilitator 2913 Email
Kasom Tracey ELA Teacher 2300 Email
Klein Linda Counseling/Attendance Secretary 2008 Email
Kloposki Melissa Child Care Director 2116 Email
Laughlin Patrick History/Geography Teacher 2901 Email
Lawniczak Laura Director of Operations 2011 Email
Lewandowski Len Technology Director 1022 Email
Manion Monica Secretary to Special Services Director 4005 Email
Merlo Amy Culinary Arts/Dragon Cafe 2100 Email
Moskal Steve Science Teacher 2214 Email
Maciejewsk Mark Food Service Director 1006 Email
Meldrum Linda Secretary to Principal 2002 Email
Murray Carla Opeations Secretary 2010 Email
Nemick Joann Special Services Secretary 4006 Email
Nota Rene Special Services Director 4017 Email
Patterson Andrew Speech Therapist 4007 Email
Rudolph Erika Special Ed Teacher 2511 Email
Sanchez Dawn 9th Grade Center Coordinator/Assistant Principal 2005 Email
Scarcelli Jim Boy's Physical Education 2905 Email
Schindler Dave Physical Education Teacher 2626/2200 Email
School Store School Store School Store 2618
Shier Julie English/Journalism/Band Teacher 2301/2617 Email
Sines Melissa History Teacher 2202 Email
Spriggs Kim Computer Teacher 2304 Email
Spriggs Kim Computer Teacher 2304 Email
Stott Shawntina Psychologist 4016 Email
Taylor Nadine Spanish Teacher 2906 Email
Townsend Robert History/Prac Law Teacher 2902 Email
Vandermeulen Carolyn Athletics Secretary 2621 Email
Wade Gleo Computer Teacher 2609 Email
Walmsley Bob Print Shop 2806 Email
Walters Patrick Art Teacher 2704/2702/2216 Email
Ward Mike Psychology Teacher/Librarian 1009 Email
Zabel Kathy Teacher Consultant 2103 Email
Name Name Title Extension Email
Lamont Cathy Principal 6702 Email
Apostolovski Rose Elementary School Psychologist 4008 Email
Brown Kari 3rd Grade Teacher 6822 Email
Butkowski Pam Kindergarten/1st Grade Teacher 6804 Email
Derkacz Dawn 4th Grade Teacher 6813 Email
Griffiths Kim 1st Grade Teacher 6808 Email
Gurram Padma IMC Specialist 6705 Email
Kania Laurie 2nd Grade Teacher 6825 Email
Kieninger Lana Resource Room Teacher 6824 Email
Klomp Cynthia Instructional Assistant 6821 Email
Lawrence Lisa Speech Teacher 6820 Email
Liburdi Donna Special Ed. Teacher 6823 Email
Lull Antoinetta Art Teacher 6803 Email
MG Computer Lab MG Computer Lab MG Computer Lab 6828
Nehra Kristin Kindergarten Teacher 6801 Email
Pollack Sue Secretary to the Principal 6700 Email
Procissi Krissy 2nd Grade Teacher 6825 Email
Shepherd Sandra Special Education Teacher 6821 Email
Steinhebel John 5th Grade Teacher 6817 Email
Tschirtart Jennifer 5/6 Grade Teacher 6812 Email
White Deron P.E. Teacher Email
Woda Suzanne 6th Grade Teacher 6810 Email
Wright Amy 3/4 Grade Teacher 6815 Email
Zweng Denise Spanish Teacher 6805 Email
Last Name First Name Title Extension Email
Hamden Ira Principal 1002 Email
Austin Ken Tech Ed Teacher 1112 Email
Baldwin Timothy Assistant Principal 1003 Email
Bedell Nicole Science Teacher 1105 Email
Booms Darren ELA Teacher 1215 Email
Busch Julie ELA Teacher 1231 Email
Chang Andrew Technology Support 1142 Email
Davidson Renee Social Worker 1020 Email
Evans Scott Science Teacher 1102 Email
Hickman-Jackson Stacey Counselor 1017 Email
James Nancy Special Ed. Teacher 1200 Email
Keys Carrie Secretary to the Principal 1001 Email
LaPlaunt Matthew Network Specialist 1140 Email
Maas Dawn Physical Education Teacher 1118 Email
Machalak Jason Social Studies Teacher 1108 Email
Morris Leslie Art Teacher 1223 Email
Penick Bernadette Math Teacher 1221 Email
Petkoff Danijela ELA Teacher 1224 Email
Pool Office Pool Office Pool 1120
Schneider Kristine Math Teacher 1210 Email
Steffler James Social Studies Teacher 1111 Email
Taylor Nadine Spanish Teacher 1222 Email
Technology Helpdesk Technology 1110 Email
Tipton Kevin Network Specialist 1143 Email
Weidenbach Jackie Success Maker Teacher 1218 Email
Zabel Kathy Teacher Consultant 1201 Email
Zabel Valerie Sp Ed.ELA and Soc.St. Teacher 1101 Email
Last Name First Name Title Extension Email
King Shannon Principal 6110 Email
Apostolovski Rose Elementary School Psychologist 4008 Email
Baker Linda Speech Therapist 6207 Email
Barachkov Danielle Kindergarten Teacher 6101 Email
Bolton Brianna 2nd Grade Teacher 6104 Email
Bronzovich Elaine 4th Grade Teacher 6103 Email
Brook Linda Social Worker 6319 Email
Davis Jackie Social Worker 6107 Email
Ford Melissa 1st Grade Teacher 6205 Email
Frank Courtney Kindergarten Teacher 6102 Email
Head Start Head Start Head Start 6203
Hemler Shauna 6th Teacher 6152 Email
Krycian Stephanie 3rd Grade Teacher 6301 Email
Lampasona Jamie 5th Grade Teacher 6310 Email
Lull Antoinetta Art Teacher 6318 Email
Manzella Erin 1st Grade Teacher 6204 Email
Marella Jennifer 5th Grade Teacher 6309 Email
Marsh Sarah Special Education Teacher 6304 Email
Martin Terry 2nd Grade Teacher 6106 Email
McGlinnen Michael 3rd Grade Teacher 6302 Email
Nason Sara 6th Grade Teacher 6312 Email
Nicol Diana 2nd Grade Teacher 6105 Email
Novak Shiela IMC Specialist 6308 Email
Pachla Michelle 4th Grade Teacher 6303 Email
Peters Nicole 1st Grade Teacher 6206 Email
Roehl Michelle Preschool Teacher 6316 Email
Rose Betty Secretary to the Principal 6100 Email
Rumohr Shaughan Special Ed Teacher 6305 Email
Shack Rashida 3rd Grade Teacher 6306 Email
Snay Joann Latchkey Supervisor 6315 Email
White Deron P.E. Teacher Email
Last Name First Name Title Extension Email
Cottrell Cara Principal 6503 Email
Apostolovski Rose Elementary School Psychologist 4008 Email
Avery Tara 2nd Grade Teacher 6621 Email
Barber Lee 3rd Grade Teacher 6623 Email
Burley Lynn E.C.S.E. Teacher 6631 Email
Carlson Lynn 6th Grade Teacher 6651 Email
Davis Jackie Social Worker 6664 Email
Fernandez Kim Special Ed. Resource Room 6633 Email
Fisher Jessica Kindergarten Teacher 6603 Email
Gurram Padma IMC Specialist 6505 Email
Hampton Carol Kindergarten Teacher 6604 Email
Hanson Beth 1st Grade Teacher 6613 Email
Hild Matt Band Teacher 6654 Email
Holloway Amy 5th Grade Teacher 6632 Email
Holuk Michelle Secretary to the Principal 6501 Email
Lewandowski Karen E.C.S.E. Instructional Assistant 6602 Email
Lull Antonietta Art Teacher 6671 Email
Miller Carol E.C.S.E Instructional Assistant 6601 Email
Mueller Elizabeth E.C.S.E Teacher 6602 Email
Piper Tiffany Special Ed. Resource Room 6612 Email
Rainbow-PTO Rainbow-PTO PTO Office 6622
Reyes Marissa 1st/2nd grade Teacher 6611 Email
Ringstad Lori E.C.S.E. Coordinator 6641 Email
Rowlett Joann Speech Therapist 6506 Email
Shock Rhonda 4th Grade Teacher 6652 Email
Slawinski Kathy E.C.S.E. Teacher 6601 Email
White Deron Gym Teacher 6624 Email
Wilkins Dorothy Latchkey Supervisor 6674 Email
Zelenak Anna Teacher Consultant 6665 Email
Zweng Denise Spanish Teacher 6665 Email