Last Name First Name Title Extension Email
Cargill Meloney Principal 2003 Email
Calhoun Carolyn Special Education Teacher 2513 Email
Carpenter Chris Social Studies Teacher 2204 Email
Casupang John Athletic Trainer 2627 Email
Clayton Kathy Secretary to Asst. Principal 2004 Email
Clintondale Theatre 2409 Email
Collins Sue Cafeteria Secretary 1005 Email
Dalton Elizabeth Counselor (L-Z) 2021 Email
Dameron Rob English Teacher 2307 Email
Denbaas Janeen English/Spanish Teacher 2305 Email
Dodson Marcy Social Worker 4003 Email
Dragon Cafe Dragon Cafe Dragon Cafe 2102/2104
Ferzo Joe Science Teacher 2113 Email
Finn Mike English Teacher 2300 Email
Fiori Tom Algebra/Geometry 2605 Email
Gerhardt Jill IT Specialist 1023 Email
Glasius Erik Counselor (A-K) 2020 Email
Glasius Marcie Cable TV 2407/2201 Email
Hall Sonja Wayne State Student Tutor 2216/2107 Email
Jackson Eric Restorative Conf Facilitator 2913 Email
Kasom Tracey ELA Teacher 2301 Email
Klein Linda Counseling/Attendance Secretary 2008 Email
Kloposki Melissa Child Care Director 2116 Email
Laughlin Patrick History/Geography Teacher 2901 Email
Lawniczak Laura Director of Operations 2011 Email
Lewandowski Len Technology Director 1022 Email
Manion Monica Secretary to Special Services Director 4005 Email
Merlo Amy Culinary Arts/Dragon Cafe 2100 Email
Moskal Steve Science Teacher 2214 Email
Maciejewsk Mark Food Service Director 1006 Email
Meldrum Linda Secretary to Principal 2002 Email
Murray Carla Opeations Secretary 2010 Email
Nemick Joann Special Services Secretary 4006 Email
Nota Rene Special Services Director 4017 Email
Patterson Andrew Speech Therapist 4007 Email
Rudolph Erika Special Ed Teacher 2511 Email
Sanchez Dawn 9th Grade Center Coordinator/Assistant Principal 2005 Email
Scarcelli Jim Boy's Physical Education 2905 Email
Schindler Dave Physical Education Teacher 2626 Email
Schneider Kristine Math Teacher 2903 Email
School Store School Store School Store 2618
Shier Julie English/Journalism/Band Teacher 2907/2617 Email
Spriggs Kim Computer Teacher 2304 Email
Stott Shawntina Psychologist 4016 Email
Szymberski Nicole Cyber School Principal 4008 Email
Taylor Alex Math Teacher 2202 Email
Taylor Nadine Spanish Teacher 2906 Email
Townsend Robert History/Prac Law Teacher 2902 Email
Vandermeulen Carolyn Athletics Secretary 2621 Email
Wade Gleo Computer Teacher 2609 Email
Walmsley Bob Print Shop 2806 Email
Walters Patrick Art Teacher 2704/2702/2216 Email
Ward Mike Psychology Teacher/Librarian 2050 Email
Zabel Kathy Teacher Consultant 2205 Email