Name Name Title Extension Email
Lamont Cathy Principal 6702 Email
Apostolovski Rose Elementary School Psychologist 6107 Email
Bedell Nicole Science Enrichment Teacher 6817 Email
Blazius Allison Social Worker 6819 Email
Brook Linda Social Worker 6812 Email
Brown Kari 3rd Grade Teacher 6822 Email
Butkowski Pam Young 5's Teacher 6804 Email
Derkacz Dawn 4th Grade Teacher 6813 Email
Griffiths Kim 1st Grade Teacher 6808 Email
Guddoba Jessica Instructional Assistant 6828 Email
Gurram Padma IMC Specialist 6705 Email
Griffiths Kim 1st Grade Teacher 6808 Email
Hild Matt Music Teacher 6807 Email
James Lisa 6th Grade Teacher 6810 Email
Jones Genevive Kindergarten Teacher 6802 Email
Kania Laurie 2nd Grade Teacher 6825 Email
Lawrence Lisa Speech Teacher 6820 Email
Liburdi Donna Special Ed. Teacher 6823 Email
Lull Antoinetta Art Teacher 6803 Email
McGlinnen Latchkey 6828
Moss Sarah Instructional Assistant 6821 Email
Nehra Kristin Kindergarten Teacher 6801 Email
Pollack Sue Secretary to the Principal 6700 Email
Procissi Krissy Reading Specialist 6806 Email
Shepherd Sandra Special Education Teacher 6821 Email
Tschirhart Jennifer 5th Grade Teacher 6814 Email
Weidenback Jackie Math Enrichment Teacher 6817 Email
White Deron P.E. Teacher Email
Willinger Jessica Resource Room Teacher 6824 Email
Wright Amy 3/4 Grade Teacher 6815 Email
Zelenak Anne Teacher Consultant 6812 Email
Zweng Denise Spanish Teacher 6805 Email