Last Name First Name Title Extension Email
Hamden Ira Principal 1002 Email
Baldwin Timothy Assistant Principal 1003 Email
Bedell Nicole Science Teacher 1105 Email
Booms Darren ELA Teacher 1215 Email
Busch Julie ELA Teacher 1231 Email
Dodson Marcy Social Worker 1020 Email
Evans Scott Science Teacher 1102 Email
Hickman-Jackson Stacey Counselor 1017 Email
Jackson April Special Ed. Math Teacher 1214 Email
Keys Carrie Secretary to the Principal 1001 Email
LaPlaunt Matthew Network Specialist 1140 Email
Maas Dawn Physical Education Teacher 1118 Email
Machalak Jason Coding Teacher 1009 Email
Morris Leslie Art Teacher 1223 Email
Patterson Andrew Speech Therapist 4007 Email
Penick Bernadette Math Teacher 1221 Email
Taylor Nadine Spanish Teacher 1222 Email
Perkins Terrance Tech Support 1142 Email
Pool Office Pool Office Pool 1120
Roznowski Annette Instructional Assistant 1212 Email
Steffler James Social Studies Teacher 1111 Email
Steinhebel John Social Studies Teacher 1108 Email
Stott Shawntina Psychologist 1015 Email
Taylor Nadine Spanish Teacher 1222 Email
Technology Helpdesk Technology 1110 Email
Weidenbach Jackie Success Maker Teacher 1218 Email
Woda Suzie Math Teacher 1210 Email
Zabel Kathy Teacher Consultant 1201 Email
Zabel Valerie Sp Ed.ELA and Soc.St. Teacher 1101 Email