Last Name First Name Title Extension Email
King Shannon Principal 6110 Email
Apostolovski Rose Elementary School Psychologist 6107 Email
Baker Linda Speech Therapist 6207 Email
Brook Linda Social Worker 6319 Email
Curran Colleen Resource Room Teacher 6202 Email
Davey Christine 2nd Grade Teacher 6104 Email
Davidson Renee Social Worker 6113 Email
DiCiuccio Danielle Kindergarten Teacher 6101 Email
Elson Rachel 4th Grade Teacher 6301 Email
Ford Melissa 1st Grade Teacher 6205 Email
Frank Courtney Kindergarten Teacher 6102 Email
Head Start Head Start Head Start 6203
Hemler Shauna 6th Teacher 6152 Email
Hild Matt Music Teacher 6201 Email
Hyso Carol Office Assistant 6111 Email
Jones Michael Kindergarten Teacher 6103 Email
Kotkowski Nicole 1st Grade Teacher 6206 Email
Krycian Stephanie 3rd Grade Teacher 6301 Email
Lampasona Jamie 5th Grade Teacher 6310 Email
Lull Antoinetta Art Teacher 6318 Email
Marella Jennifer 5th Grade Teacher 6309 Email
Marsh Sarah Special Education Teacher 6304 Email
Martin Terry 2nd Grade Teacher 6106 Email
McGlinnen Michael 3rd Grade Teacher 6302 Email
Nason Sara 6th Grade Teacher 6312 Email
Nicol Diana 2nd Grade Teacher 6105 Email
Novak Shiela IMC Specialist 6308 Email
Pachla Michelle 3rd Grade Teacher 6303 Email
Roehl Michelle Preschool Teacher 6316 Email
Rose Betty Secretary to the Principal 6100 Email
Shack Rashida 3rd Grade Teacher 6306 Email
Snay Joann Latchkey Supervisor 6315 Email
Tomlinsin Erin 3rd Grade Teacher 6305 Email
White Deron P.E. Teacher Email
Zweng Denise Spanish Teacher 6201 Email