Last Name First Name Title Extension Email
Cottrell Cara Principal 6503 Email
Apostolovski Rose Elementary School Psychologist 6107 Email
Avery Tara 2nd Grade Teacher 6621 Email
Barber Lee 3rd Grade Teacher 6623 Email
Burley Lynn E.C.S.E. Teacher 6631 Email
Carlson Lynn 6th Grade Teacher 6651 Email
Davis Jackie Social Worker 6664 Email
Fernandez Kim Special Ed. Resource Room 6633 Email
Fiacco Sabrina Resource Room Teacher 6665 Email
Fisher Jessica Kindergarten/1st Grade Teacher 6603 Email
Franke Alice Instructional Assistant 6643 Email
Gurram Padma IMC Specialist 6505 Email
Hampton Carol Kindergarten Teacher 6604 Email
Hanson Beth 1st Grade Teacher 6613 Email
Hild Matt Band Teacher 6654 Email
Holloway Amy 5th Grade Teacher 6632 Email
Holuk Michelle Secretary to the Principal 6501 Email
Khatri Hajra 1st Grade Teacher 6622 Email
Lewandowski Karen E.C.S.E. Instructional Assistant 6602 Email
Lull Antonietta Art Teacher 6671 Email
Miller Carol E.C.S.E Instructional Assistant 6601 Email
Moss Mary CEIS Reading Teacher 6625 Email
Page Kelly E.C.S.E. Teacher 6602 Email
Piper Tiffany Special Ed. Resource Room 6612 Email
Reyes Marissa 5th Grade Teacher 6611 Email
Ringstad Lori E.C.S.E. Coordinator 6641 Email
Rowlett Joann Speech Therapist 6506 Email
Shock Rhonda 4th Grade Teacher 6652 Email
Slawinski Kathy E.C.S.E. Teacher 6601 Email
White Deron Gym Teacher 6624 Email
Wilkins Dorothy Latchkey Supervisor 6674 Email
Zelenak Anna Teacher Consultant 6642 Email
Zweng Denise Spanish Teacher 6679 Email